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The Machnist

Directed by Brad Anderson
Reviewed by MaT, added on Jan 1 2005

Christian Bale stars in this gritty flick about a machine operator who hasn't slept in a year and begins seeing strange visions. After an accident at the shop in which he is involved in a co-worker losing an arm, the visions and a mysterious man named Ivan begin spiraling out of control causing him to question his sanity? What the hell is going on? Good question. This is a great little "screw with your mind" flick that, although slow at times, keeps you guessing while delivering an outstanding performance by Bale.

Bale's been one of my favorite actor's for quite some time and he is brilliant here. He lost about 70 pounds to take on the role of Trevor Reznick and his skeleton frame is definitely frightening to look at. Later on, you'll find out why he is so thin in some flashbacks that wrap-up the strange story. This film reminded me of a cross between Seven and The 6th Sense. It had Seven's look to it, but ends with a very "Shyamalan like" twist. The acting is all top-notch with nice supporting roles from Jennifer Jason Leigh, playing a prostitute Bale loves, and genre favorite Michael Ironside who plays the co-worker who loses his arm.

The only real problems I had with the film were that it gets a little slow and the ending isn't as neat as I thought it would be. The pacing just seems a little "off" and a lot of people might find it boring because of the lack of creepy "jolt" scenes. Also, although I enjoyed the ending quite a bit, it just wasn't as cool as I was hoping. Don't get me wrong, the ending works perfectly for the film, but I was hoping for something more memorable. It's a good film, just not as great as I expected it to be.

8 / 10

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