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Ginger Snaps Back

Directed by Grant Harvey
Reviewed by MaT, added on Jan 1 2005

This is the third installment of the Ginger Snaps series, but a "prequel" to the first two. The film takes place in the mid 19th century at an isolated trader's outpost that has been under attack by "demons" for the past two months. The film returns Katherine Isabelle and Emily Perkins, the stars of the first two, as sisters looking for help after their family dies trying to find a passage to the west. They come across a destroyed indian village and an indian "seer" who warns them of future events and that a "choice" will have to be made.

When the finally reach the outpost, they come under suspicion as well as mistreatment at the hands of the men running the place. You see, they have been fighting off werewolves for the past couple months, and the party they sent out to get supplies hasn't returned, causing many stressfull headaches among the traders. Throw in a macho Indian who likes to talk cryptically even when he knows exactly what's going on, and some anti-women tirades by the traders and you've got yourself an interesting concoction.

As you would expect, Ginger (Isabelle) gets bitten by a grotesque werewolf kid (One of the trader's son's, whom he was hiding from the rest) and the rest of the movie is a frantic "How do we save Ginger from turning into a werewolf?" piece. Basically, its the first movie, only set in the 19th century and without any of the charm, wit, humor, or personality that made Ginger Snaps so great. The film doesn't really expand on anything in the first two movies, other than the ending, which is blatantly obvious thirty minutes into the movie. They tried to do a Dog Soldiers cop out and have a cargo truck full of werewolves attacking the outpost instead of one or two, but it loses pretty much all coolness when the "Macho Indian" takes them all out with arrows without breaking a sweat.

The beginning was very beautifully shot. Some of the cinematography is exquisite and overall the acting is above average. In fact, the only real problem I found with the acting was from Isabelle herself, who looks like a deer caught in headlights in many of the scenes. The gore was ho-hum. It had some nice gooey moments, but most of the time it was quick cut-away's. The werewolves did look outstanding and the score (which sounded incredibly familiar...)worked well.

I was pretty disappointed by this entry into the series. Unfortunately, it just didn't add anything new or original to the story, and I really have to wonder why they didn't just do a continuation of the second, instead of making an unoriginal period piece.

4 / 10

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